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Positive Solutions in Credit Situations

My Specialty 

I empower families with the right credit-building strategies so they can qualify and secure their dream lifestyle.


I teach  solopreneurs my 5 Step BizCredit Growth Method to establish and leverage industry-standard business capital to grow and manage a thriving profitable business.


What I Specialize In

Personal Credit Repair

Credit Building

Credit Education

Business Formation

Business Credit/Funding

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A Good Financial Plan Is A Road Map That Shows Us Exactly How The Choices We Make Today Will Affect Our Future"  - Alexa Von Tobel

Your Legacy Solutions is my preferred provider for my mortgage clients who don't have the credit scores needed for ideal mortgage options. The owner, Ciara is an Army veteran, a registered nurse by trade - and is just a great person who loves helping people. She's also the most knowledgeable and effective credit repair agent I have known in my 19+ years in the mortgage world...and I've known a lot. She does it the legal and correct way too, meaning any repairs that she helps you with - typically stick. Contact Ciara for a consultation if you want to get back on the road to a better financial future.

Tom Pessemier

Ciara and I met through a mutual friend a few months ago. We have had the opportunity to meet several times to discuss her business and how she is able to help those in need. As a financial advisor, I often get calls from folks needing help with out of control credit cards and poor credit. Prior to meeting Ciara, I did not feel comfortable referring those in need to any specific company. That has since changed after learning Ciara's process and the time that she takes with each client. She is amazing and if you are in need of credit repair or debt management, please give her a call.

Mathew Remington

Highly knowledgeable and informative consultant. Made everything clear and concise. My score is going up as we speak.

Adam B White

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